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Things we do different


  • No prior private sale round. Same entry for everyone.
  • Game first - investment second. While we keep an eye on having investment opportunities in the metaverse landscape, the mission of the game is being a game that is fun and challenging.
  • Play as much as YOU want! Many crypto NFT games have mechanisms where your could play the game only a few rounds per day. With the lifetime mechanism in place we give you the power to decide when, where and how much you want to play with your NFTs.
  • Multiple accounts, multiple characters. Your decision, as long as there is a human player interacting, you can hold and play as many characters as you want. If you want to organize your accounts in different accounts, feel free to do so.
  • No earnings and payout limits. Some crypto games set limits on how much you can earn and how much you can cash out. Not with us: your earnings - your decisions.
  • Fast, fast, cheap. We believe that the blockchain's performance and affordability of gas fees, play a big role in NFT games. We are going for Solana which, as a newer blockchain, is not yet a well developed game platform, yet. We do not care for the extra hazzle. We want it to be good!
  • Community decisions. Let's not put the mark too high, but a few games actually do that. Let us explore the boundaries of how we can include you!
  • Quick time to get started and engage in, even in Alpha. We set our goals for the first development stage to core features up and running. Let's invite you to join early and profit from the first day on.
  • Moderate fees. Other games sink in fees and the rate some companies pull out of the system, hinders the game in developing a stable economy. Let's not get greedy!