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The Toolset


The Solana block chain is the leading 3rd generation, smart layer 1 blockchain aspirant. It outperforms its competitors in many aspects. While decentralization with only 1000+ validator nodes is the biggest drawback of Solana, it offers a powerful transactions per second rate (TPS) from 2.000 to 3.000 with a very fast block generation time and a very small transaction fee less then $0.001 USD. Solanas Ecosystem is evaluated as being in an early stage, but they can show already 400+ projects including Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungable Token (NFT) projects and Web3.

In comparison to the Ethereum blockchain and its derivatives using the proprietary programming language Solidity for their smart contracts, Solana offers a LLVM infrastructure that provides opportunities to write smart contract code in well known high level languages like Rust and C/C++.

By using Solana we can provide a gaming experience which is not hindered by blockchains transaction times and fees like you can see with most competitors.

Solana SPL & Partum Coin

The Partum coin will be setup with the Solana SPL ( ). Thus we ensure this will be using a trusted platform and smart contracts. The mint authority is set to none after creation of the initial coin distribution. So it is technically impossible to increase the amount. The Freeze Authority is be set to none so that no entity is available to freeze Partum coin token funds on the blockchain.

Anchor Framework

The Anchor simplifies smart contract and client development for the Solana blockchain. It streamlines security constraints for smart contracts through macros leading to safer code in deployments.

Unity 3D

By 2021 Unity 3D is the most popular Game Engine available on the market offering cross-platform game development with support of 25+ platforms including WebGL (Browser based), Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS and the major game consoles.

While we will be using the WebGL deployment target initially, Unity enables us to deliver native on the major operation systems and target mobile platform with almost the same code base.

Rest API for Statistics

A REST-API will provide public queries of character stats, fights and all the nice things you may want to display externally or use for your research (no, not the genes..).