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The Schooling System


The schooling system is an integral part of Partum - Rise of a Gladiator. The road to become a well-trained gladiator is a long one and a player may elect to use the schooling system to kick-start a gladiators career.

On the school market characters compete offering training services. Every character is eligible to open a school representing a specific class after upgrading any skill to the mastery level 5. He can only offer his level 5 skills in his school. The class represented in the school may be changed at a later stage but is subject to a fee. The most developed main attribute (physical or skill) of the character becomes the signature attribute of the school. When a student visits the school, he improves both his learning skill and also his value in the signature attribute of the school.

Passive Income

The founded school is bound to the character NFT and is transferable and tradable as the NFT is. While the character can die when exceeding his lifetime the schools will persist - forever.

Skill Progress calculation

The progress of one school visit is determined by

  • the trainers teaching skill
  • the scholars learning skill
  • a random number between 80-120%

It is independent of the rarity of the skill. The theoretical maximum progress of one visit is 2 Level points


learned points = 2 * teaching skill in % * learning skill in % * random number

Example with teacher 100, scholar 50, random number 80%

learned points = 2 * 100% * 50% * 80% = 0,8 Points progress

Skill points necessary to reach the next level are dependent on the current Level:

Level Points to this level Points total after
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 16 31

The lifetime deducted from a school visit is always the same despite of the outcome. When the teacher is present, he looses less lifetime than the student does.

Attribute Progress

Each school visit, the scholar also advances in the school's signature attribute. The growth is calculated through a growth function, providing big steps in the early steps of the characters attribute progressions and only small steps when getting near the characters attribute cap in that attribute. 

Attribute Maximum

The character's maximum in each attribute is hidden but can roughly be estimated through watching the attribute's increments.

Competition and Saturation

Players compete on the school market with their prizes, but they differentiate themselves beside the skills offered and the classes, also regarding the teacher's teaching attribute value and the signature attribute. Each school will be unavailable for a period of time when chosen for schooling. The length of the intermission is dependent on the amount of players offering schooling. 

Teacher's presence

A teacher may elect to be present at the school or to be absent. The teacher can change that all the time. When the character has exceeded his lifetime he is always absent but the school will stay. The teacher's teaching value is halved in the progress calculations when the teacher is not present. The teacher will not gain any teaching progress and will not spent lifetime if he is not present.

Legends from the Past Advantage

All characters from the pre-generated Pre-Sales are known as Legends from the Past. Their unique advantage is that their teaching value is always 100. This advantage is permanent as the schools are, and still halved when the teacher is no present.

Schooling Arguments

While it is possible to completely avoid the schooling system and stick with the other mechanics of skill boxes learning through usage, there are several reasons why schooling might be right for you:

  • minimize random influence:
    • pick the skill you want
    • advances are predictable
  • advance signature attribute with school visit