The Classes


There are 8 gladiator classes defined by their equipment and the skills compatible with these classes. A specific gladiator can switch to any class by switching to the class specific gear. His training and physical attributes will suggest that some classes are a better fit.

Each class has different requirements for their attributes.

Main attributes for the classes


The Murmillo


The Murmillo is a character that is closest to a roman legion infantry soldier using a Gladius and a curved rectangular tower shield (Scutum). He is well armored wearing a helmet with visor and feathers attached. This class is very well known from the character Crixus of the popular Spartacus TV series.

The Murmillo is the most defensively oriented character from the available classes. He makes use of the toughest armor available and has a huge shield to hide behind. Many skills employ his shield to attack and ensure that he is not exposed too much at the same time. He is getting his buffs up, gain focus and the mental state to deal punishment subsequently.


The Secutor