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The Birth of a Metaverse


A fair Start

When you examine other cryptocurrency projects you will mostly find that there are early investors in the form of business angels or venture capital providers. These investors do get an early entry to the project at a very early stage. There is more risk involved joining early but usually the conditions of the early access are far beyond what will be offered to the public in any later stage. In many projects corporate investors see 10x-100x of their investments at the moment where the project is publicly accessible.

We have a different approach: we offer the early entry to the project to everyone who is legally able to do so. The same conditions for everyone. We welcome corporate investors but we do not offer other entry conditions in respect of the token price.

The Asset Sale Phases

Your onboarding into the Partum Metaverse is set up as a couple of fundraising phases based on the achievement of development milestones. The phases are structured as the following:

  1. First Pre-Sale of PARTUM Coins
  2. Second Pre-Sale of PARTUM Coins
  3. "Partum - Rise of a Gladiator: Collectables" NFT Sale
  4. Legends of the Past Gladiator NFT-Sale
  5. Open PARTUM Coin Sale

The Development Stages (Milestones)

(a) Concept Creation & Validation
(b) Spread the word
(c) Private Alpha Release
(d) Private Beta Release
(e) Public Beta Release
(f) Partum Staking
(g) Land Sale and Crafting

Details found below.

1. Alpha Pre-Sale of PARTUM

In the first and the second Pre-Sale Phase we will offer to exchange PARTUM coins for SOL on the Solana Blockchain at a fixed exchange rate. The exchange rate will significantly decrease from the first to the second and to later offers to reward the early adoption. After the exchange the coins will be in your wallet and generally transferable and tradable even though it will most certainly not be listed in exchanges at that time.

What are the benefits of participation?

  • Exclusive access to the first gladiator NFT sale phase
  • Premium exchange rate at the first Pre-Sale

The genesis character NFTs may be purchased with PARTUM coins only for a fixed purchase prize (see further below).

The first Pre-Sale phase is starting 19.01.2022 and is supposed to go until 21.03.2022.

10% of the total amount of Tokens created will be available in the first Pre-Sale phase of Partum: 250.000.000 PTM. The distribution is the following:

1 Fund for flash sales 100.000.000 PTM
2 Private Sales 150.000.000 PTM

The details of the platforms (names and dates) will be announced when available.

Please be careful with private Sales offers that are offered to via private messages. We will never DM you about private sales first!

The private sale option requires full KYC (Know your Customer)-validation and is available for a minimum purchase of $10.000 USD value only. The private sale is continuing until the Beta Pre-Sale Phase. Please get in contact with Gerardo Mainieri: [email protected] or @gmainieri (Telegram).

2. Beta Pre-Sale of PARTUM

The second Pre-Sale is almost like the first one but with the Partum price doubled.

It is lasting around 2-4 weeks period and is currently scheduled from 04.04.2022 until 16.04.2022.

3. Collectable NFT Sale

The collectable NFT Sale is unrelated to all the other Pre-Sales and not scheduled, yet. In comparison to the character NFTs the collectable NFT are not game items and are for collection purpose.

If there will be any other mechanic added in any later state is not determined, yet.

4. Legend Gladiator Character NFT Sale

All Gladiator NFT Sales will be nominated in PARTUM coins. There won't be any further PARTUM coins be offered to the publicity at this stage. So this sale is exclusively accessible for PARTUM coin holders.

The Gladiators are classified into five different stages of development:

Rank Rank Title Legend Price (PAR) Standard Price (PAR) Notes
1 Untrained Gladiator   500 min. 3 skills in one class
2 Trained Gladiator 5.000 1.000 min. 5 skills, mostly from one class
3 Honorable Gladiator 15.000   skills mostly from one class
4 Champion Gladiator 30.000   skills mostly from two classes
5 Master Gladiator 60.000   skills mostly from three classes

All prices are nominated in Partum (PAR). All NFT gladiator purchases from us will only give away the Rank, no classes, attributes, skills or any other information. The Untrained Gladiators are have start values for attributes while all other gladiator ranks have 50% contribution of increased attributes and 50% contribution of increased skills.

Only the first four types of Gladiators will be generated and offered in the Presale. There are significant advantages coming with these:

  • all holders from the Alpha Presale will receive EARLY ACCESS to the Closed Alpha and all holders from the Beta Presale will receive EARLY ACCESS to the Closed Beta.
  • there will NOT be any Reset after any development stage (any severe Bug usage / errors occurring excluded).
  • all Legend characters will have a teaching character attribute value at 100 points which is the maximum possible and hardly anywhere else seen value. The teaching value provides better passive income advantages through the in-game schooling system. The same deductions from absent teachers in schools apply (see under The Schooling System).

The Gladiator NFT Sale will start around 4 weeks before the Closed ALPHA development milestone. So players are going to be able to play soon after the acquisition of the NFT. The Gladiator NFT Sale is currently scheduled to the second quarter of 2022.

5. Open Partum Coin Sale

All remaining Partum coins from the first two Pre-Sale phases, if there were any, will be offered starting at double the price from the Second Pre-Sale and four times the price from the First Pre-Sale. The Open Partum Coin Sale is going to start 2 weeks prior to the OPEN Beta milestone. After or instead of the Open Partum Coin Sale we will found DeFi-Liquidity Pools to enable decentralized Partum Coin trading in Directions.

When the Legends are sold out the Legends will only be available through player sales and new gladiators will come untrained (Level 1) or basically trained (Level 2) from the market.