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Legends of the Past

The NFT gladiators available in the Pre-Sale are renown as "Legends from the Past". They represent a unique value, because they possess a teacher attribute of 100 (maximum level) that is very unlikely to reach with other characters.

All gladiators are represented by their rank. The rank calculation of each gladiator is done through a formula counting the value of all characters attributes and adding the value of all learned skills.

There are 5 ranks in total. The Rank 1 (untrained) gladiator will not be available in the pre-sale event. Rank 2 and Rank 1 (untrained) gladiators will be the only gladiators available on the market (not the player market) in the later game.

The rank 2 gladiators will be available in the pre-sale as Standard and as Legend of the Past gladiators.